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About Us

The Owner of World of kikoys India, Anika Khurana, is a Kenyan born Indian, brought up in the beautiful beach town of Mombasa. In 2006, she began an export business with her mother Seema Khanna under the brand name Ethnic Attitude (World of Kikoys). After having married and moved to Delhi, India, she decided to manufacture Kikoy in India. With the aim, to develop the Kikoy to the same quality and standard as the Kenyan Kikoy, however, at a much more affordable price. After many tried and failed attempts, she has managed to achieve the Kenyan quality in India. She has been exporting from India since January 2013. About our ethnics

In keeping with tradition of our work in Kenya, we do our best to work closely with the local community providing skills and jobs. Our Indian Kikoy is produced on shuttleless looms, which provides the best possible finish on this product, we strive to keep the standards of our product to the highest quality, only using 100% combed cotton fibre.

The TOWELLING we use is also 85% cotton, which is the exposed side of the towel used to dry the body, however the base of our towelling( which is the side not seen or touched) is made with 15% polyester to ensure the towel stays strong and keeps its shape.The dyes used are AZO free low impact dyes. We do not use child labour. Why India?

There was a time when India was never an option for us, being of Kenyan origin! However in these times of global recession and the need for more affordable pricing we eventually gave in. It Seems there is much competition in the market for Kikoy, even from places like China and India! However, what lacks, in many cases, is the quality, which allows the Kikoys extremely low price!

Yes, low price is very important especially when buying in bulk, however should this sacrifice quality?

We wish to provide you with both! Low price, and quality.

About Kikoys


Kikoy is fondly known as a Kenyan product. In truth, however, the Kikoys roots lie in INDIA, originally known as a Lungi !

The Lungi is typically worn by Indian fisherman and villagers from the South of India and was brought to Kenya with the migration of indians in1896.

Over time due to the colourful influences of the Kenyan people the Lungi evolved in to what we now know as Kikoy.

Kikoy Is a 100% combed cotton fabric, which began in use as a sarong, perfect for Mombasa's laid back beach life. Now the kikoys is being used as a beach towel, bathrobe, in bags, sheets, cushion covers, bed sheets...the list is endless!

World of Kikoys India Ltd. is a leading name in introducing the world to the best designs in its range of women wear, accessories and towel packaging products. As an experienced manufacturer, supplier and exporter of a myriad of fashion beachwear, sarongs and kikoys, we have also gained industry expertise in manufacturing of kaftans, scarves and hats, trousers shorts for both men & women and home textile apparel to offer our clients innovation yet variety at affordable prices. Each style that we create in our product range is the outcome of our creative bent of team that is skilled in fore-sighting the fashion trend and developing apparels that suit to the taste and preference of fashion conscious clientele.

Adding that spark to your wardrobe, we do not forget about creating for you the most easy-to-navigate on-line shopping platform that gives you a plethora of designs to choose from yet is very convenient to make orders. A relaxed approach to style, we offer you a perfect balance of comfort and trendy shopping experience in our range of fashion beachwear and home textile apparel that is neither tiring nor complicated. Further adding on, we keep up with our promise to streamlines delivery schedule that is marked with customer satisfaction and vouch for maximum value for the client's money.

Our history of repeat testimony from wide spread clientele base across the globe vouch for the quality of the products that we offer. We stand firm on the sheer commitment of delivering quality oriented customized line of clothing and accessories for men and women on time without any hassle in the delivery schedules. This is what has reached us up to the pinnacle of success in the industry and this is what will make us be there in the coming years as well.

"Designing your thoughts in our style is the mantra behind our designs."

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