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On this page of "Kikoys and towels" we have showcased our full range of Kikoys available. Under each Kikoy you will notice a thumbnail, which represents the recommended towel linings we can use to change your Kikoy in to a kikoy beach towel. So simply select the Kikoy colour you like, and if you wish, match it with the terry towel lining colour you like, send us the combinations and we will create your order. Each Kikoy/ kikoy towel comes with hand pleated tassels on each end. Each Kikoy towel comes with a pocket on the terry towel side for you to store your keys and wallet safely while on the beach. All Kikoy is 100% cotton. All terry towels contain 80% cotton and 20 % polyester. The polyester part of the towel is necessary to keep the towels versatility so it does not stretch in the washing machine and loose its shape. The polyester part is also on the underside of the towel and not on the pilling end that touches the skin.

226 B range

226 H range

226 D range

226 M range

227 H range

226 V range

226 Q range

263 C range

282 A range

402 Range

210 F range

226 U range

226 S range

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